tea tree oil for fleas

What are Fleas?

fleaFleas are tiny insects which survive by feeding warm-blooded bodies like human and animals. Fleas bodies look shinier and brown in color and commonly make their presence in cooler and darker place, actually, they like such environment. Though it can feed on any warm-blooded bodies it commonly refers to feed animals such as rats, squirrels, rabbit, cats, and mice. Fleas are wingless so they can’t fly but they have strong legs that enable them to jump a very large distance. By using this method fleas make their host. Flea eggs can survive under numerous unfavorable conditions for a very long period of time and when a warm-blooded animal or human comes into contact with it makes themselves in an active state.

flea on dogFleas often evolve themselves in the house where they get the pertinent environment to procreate. Not every flea associated to problems but an adult flea can cause some issues to your pets and sometimes even you can be get influenced by it. You can admire a number of ways to eradicate and inhibit the influence of fleas. Some of them methods may not even work so it is imperative to go through the right method. Employee exclusion practice can be done but this method doesn’t have the direct impact on fleas. Here what I can help you with my experience. I was also going through this issue a few months back, but now my home is free of fleas, all credit goes to tea tree oil. You might not consider using this method but believe me the influence of it can leave you with no words.

Tea Tree Oil for Fleas

Tea-Tree-1When it comes to using tea tree oil for killing and inhibiting the impacts of fleas, the first question comes to mind is whether tea tree oil could be effective or not. People have always a doubt about the efficacy of it. However, there is nothing in tea tree oil that deserves the doubt. Tea tree oil for fleas is a wonderful remedy? Here are some proofs that can convince you using it for the fleas. A solution of tea tree oil and water can be sprayed directly to your pet which can work like a flea repellent.  The solution can significantly remove flea and will leave a special fragrant that hates fleas. This fragrant prevents fleas to appear again. It is pertinent to always give weight to the non-commercial product to kill fleas even if it contains tea tree oil.

Naturally-Get-Rid-of-FleasAbout all the commercial products contains some of the detrimental chemicals that can toxic to the skin. However, a natural tea tree oil could be also toxic if not diluted properly but the toxicity of organic tea tree oil doesn’t detrimentally harm your skin means it can be tolerable. But toxicity of chemical can’t be excusable because it can cause some serious health complications to the pet skin. Shampooing with tea tree oil to your pet can substantially eradicate fleas from the pet skin. How can shampooing tea tree oil delete the effects of fleas? Well, the reason has already mentioned by me. This is because Fleas don’t like the smell and its acidic nature. So if you really want your pet and home fleas free do consider using tea tree oil.

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