There is no doubt about it – fleas can make your life unbearable. Fleas are small and agile insects that can survive by feeding on the blood of other animals, usually your pets like dogs and cats. One reason for the overwhelming presence of fleas in your house is eggs of fleas that can get dropped anywhere in your house by fleas.botanical-dust-used-for-fleas

They generally found under the fur and hair of the animals such as dog, cat, rabbit and humans too. Fleas can also transmit harmful micrograms from one body to another. Flea bites are also very painful and can be easily recognized because of big inflated red pimple like scar they leave behind.

If you want to learn how to get rid of fleas, then you need more than just simple tips on bathing your dogs and cats. You need to be on a regular watch and at the same time clean your home percentage-ratio-of-fleas-in-different-placesfrequently to eliminate fleas. However, you can also remove fleas from your house with the help of natural remedies. Botanical dust and boric acid are very effective ingredients used to eliminate fleas. The easiest way to kill fleas is when they are at their vulnerable stage. In this stage, the larvae of flea approach to the evolvement. An adult flea can live only about a week without blood from its host. While larva of flea can live for several months. So, it is important to kill the larva first. The mixture of botanical dust and boric acid helps you to eliminate flea from your house.

Botanical dust is an effective natural insecticides used to kills germs and microorganisms. Botanic salt-for-fleas-revdust has low toxicity, so it is safer to use around humans and pets. For a better result you can mix both botanic dust and borate acid to kill the fleas more effectively. Borates are minerals that are used widely as insecticides, wood preservatives and detergent. Borate works as a stomach poison when formulated in baits for ants, fleas and cockroach control. Borate acid remains active as long as it stays dry and undisturbed. It acts as a dehydrating agent which cause serve dehydration in fleas which leads to demise of these insects.

How to use botanical Dust and Boric Acid to Kill Fleas?

You should take care when you use botanical and boric mixture. Always wear a mask while applying the mixture in your home to avoid in taking any mixture particles through breathing. You floor-wash-for-flea-killingneed to dust the carpet, bed, furniture and the areas where your pets sleep and allow it to sit for approximately 24 hours and leave your home when you have done this process this. When you return at home after 24 hours, vacuum all the areas where you have sprinkled the dust as well as wash all the sheets and furniture covers.  Botanical and boric acid mixture helps to prevent from the infestation by targeting flea larva. It will also put a hold on future reproduction of the fleas.

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