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This photograph depicts an adult male Oropsylla Montana flea, formerly known as Diamanus Montana.

This flea is a common ectoparasite of the ground squirrel, Spermophilus spilosoma, and in the western United States, is an important vector for the bacterium Yersinia pestis, the pathogen responsible for causing plague.

Flea is a small insect that generally live by consuming the blood of mammals. Fleas are small and dark brown in color and they don’t have wings so that they can’t fly however, they are very good jumper. They generally travel from one destination to anther by jumping. Flea sucks the blood byfleas bites piercing the skin surface of the mammals. Flea not only found on the body of mammals but certain birds can also get affected from this insect. Actually flea can influence any warm bodies including human. Fleas can be real threat if they make their home on a living creature or invade a household. Fleas generally make their family very quickly especially in the condition where you have pet in your home. However, even you don’t have pet in your home they can still grow.

Flea has to go through many stages during their entire life. The flea life-cycle initiates by egg and after that it comes in the stage of larvae. In this stage the flea larvae can feed on any organic material available like dead insects, feces and any vegetables. Pupae and being adult are the other stages of flea life cycle. When fleas reach in their adulthood stage their primary goal is to feed themselves and increase their family.life-cycle-of-fleas

Generally flea doesn’t cause any major issues until they bite severely or you expose to the flea for a long period of time. But once you get bitten by flea you can cause certain health issues. You might don’t k now the fact that flea can be a vector of bacterial diseases, viral diseases and parasites diseases. However, generally they don’t carry any bacterial or viral infection. Normally when you get bitten by flea you may experience itching sensation around the bite. They may be reddish in color and may also form the reddish bump. You may also get the inflammation with rash where the flea has bitten you or surrounding areas.

symptoms-of-fleas-on-dogPeople with allergic reaction may develop more severe indications including difficulty in breathing, nausea, malaise, swelling, chest pain and dizziness. These traits are not common but still there are possibilities of the occurrence of these indications. Fleas bites are not generally cases any major issues can be resolved on their own. In certain cases you need to go for the some treatment to relieve the indications of flea bites. Generally a patient need treatment of flea bites if they are sensitive to it. If the bite of flea is really itching you can apply ice cubes on the affected area so that you will be able to eliminate the itchiness caused by the flea bite. Certain sorts of cream and medication can also be applied to get relief from different sorts of indications.

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